Alchemic Kitchen


What are they about? 

Alchemic Kitchen is a Feedback social enterprise working alchemy with surplus food. They take fresh food and surplus edibles in danger of being wasted and turns it into new products, adding value and keeping edible food from being squandered


What as the issue?

Alchemic Kitchen want to reduce food surplus through education and avocation 


What was the essence of the brief? 

To create a brand that reflects the brand proposition and goals to campaign for sustainable change whilst being inclusive and inventive. Standing out visually in a crowded marketplace of other similar organisations and competitors was also a hurdle to overcome. 

What was the essence of the solution?

We created a visual identity that stands out. We give a nod to the medieval chemical science of alchemy, whilst looking to the future of food sustainability. 


What we did? 

We created a bespoke wordmark and stamp logo with its essence grounded in medieval alchemy and using a modern interpretation of a serif font, we echoed the company’s background and forward thinking attitude. A suite of illustrations and icons was created to give the visual identity a unique look and feel, that can also be expanded and added to when is appropriate – creating a house-style held by Alchemic Kitchen. This means the visual identity can be used in many different ways to suit its needs.