FRC Group (Furniture Resource Centre)

What are they about?

Multi-Faceted group of Companies all operating towards a single purpose of Ending Furniture Poverty.

What was the issue?

There was no cohesiveness with any of the product facing brands. Some of the brands were locally famous (Bulky Bobs for example) but the perception was it was operated by Liverpool City Council.

What was the essence of the brief?

Bring order to the brands whilst maintaining their individual personality and voice.

What was the essence of the solution?

To create a hierarchical brand structure that was endorsed by the “FRC Group”

What did we need to do?

– Create an overall brand structure, common colour palette and set of brand rules.
– Rebrand all companies within the group structure
– Design uniforms, office dressing and van livery
– Design and produce a set of templates for in house artwork production
– Design supporting graphics for each individual brand to fit in with the brand personality.


How did it all turn out?

The project is still ongoing, FRC group are coming up with new ideas and projects all of the time and Nonconform and the brand are responding to the challenge successfully. The branding system is supporting the expansion into new areas of development.