University of Liverpool, Institute of Irish Studies


University of Liverpool, Institute of Irish Studies

What are they about?

As a modern European nation with a fascinating although often turbulent past, Ireland represents an ideal prism for the study of history, literature, and politics.

The University of Liverpool’s Institute of Irish Studies has a world-leading reputation, offering a unique educational experience and career opportunities.


What is the issue?

Due to Covid 19 and the changing way that we consume content, the Institute of Irish Studies have pivoted in the way that they provide information and an introduction to what it is like to undertake Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool. The lack of opportunity for face-to-face meetings with students, or Open Days at the Institute meant that a digital representation of the student experience became an increasingly important requirement.

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What was the essence of the brief?

Create a set of long-form and bite-sized video assets that would represent the quality, heritage, depth and breadth of the student experience at the Institute and in the city. The target audience was 16-18 year old students based in Ireland and the aim was to encourage applicants to choose the Institute of Irish Studies for their degree.


What was the essence of the solution?

We wanted to avoid a corporate approach, and bring a personal and fun quality to the video so that it speaks directly to the target audience, whilst still maintaining an authentic representation of the Institute’s brand personality.

The animation is based on a journey of a pupil, from filling out their UCAS form to graduate employment after completing a degree in Irish Studies.

What we did? 



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