St Cuthberts Catholic High School

What are they about?

To be much more than just a school, to be at the heart of the local community.

What was the issue?

The annual induction and recruitment campaigns were disrupted by the pandemic meaning in-person visits were not available

What was the essence of the brief?

Create an online “visit” alongside a set of resources that conveyed the essence of the school.

What was the essence of the solution?

We didn’t have access to the current cohort of students so we created avatars of the students, teachers and the school itself.

What did we need to do?

– Draw Avatars of the teaching Staff / featured students and subject classrooms
– Record the voices of featured students / staff and animate what they said.
– Produce studio voxpops and virtual tours
– Design Microsites for the induction week / open week / online lessons
– Set up virtual meetings
– Run various social media campaigns and physical mail drops
– Design and place various press adverts/advertorials
– Reproduce the classroom avatars onto the physical school walls.

How did it all turn out?

A great success, the school recruitment is on course a little on where it was last year. The school has now also got a bank of assets to use this year and next for a more blended approach to students recruitment. It’s also got a depository of design information to pull on and a mircosite for students to access lesson plans if self isolating.



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