TLP, also known as The Lennox Partnership

What are they about?

Getting Scotland back to work – finding talent, exchanging skills, developing careers and opening opportunities

What was the issue?

After many years of evolution, TLP felt their branding didn’t reflect their current goals and ways of working. They wanted to be more accessible, adapting to the needs of the modern workforce and inspirational too.


What was the essence of the brief?

“Make our brand up-to-date and relevant”

What was the essence of the solution?

“Let’s modernise, and use powerful imagery to get the message across and inspire people to help themselves”

What did we need to do?

– Shift the name and logo from the outdated patriarchal model to something vibrant and contemporary
– Make the service appealing to a wider audience, with a clear positive message that speaks to all sections of society
– Develop a strong visual identity
– Create a future-proofed visual concept that can evolve and grow with the TLP organisation

How did it all turn out?

Really well. What we created has rolled out across the country, and TLP is growing, helping even more people realise their potential in lots of different fields. They still use what we created for them, and new iterations of the visual concept continue to keep the campaign fresh and engaging.