LCR Pride Foundation


Liverpool City Region (LCR) Pride Foundation


What are they about?

Being the hub of all things LGBT+ within the city region


What was the issue?

LCR Pride wanted to grow from a once-a-year event to a charity that fundraised year-round to financially support organisations campaigning for LGBT+ issues across the Liverpool city region


What was the essence of the brief?

Help us make Liverpool the most LGBTQ+-friendly region in the country

What was the essence of the solution?

Establish a mission statement for the organisation to get behind, and use that as a basis for ongoing campaigns that reflect their core values.

What we did

– Evolve the logo from the traditional rainbow stripes to a blended gradient version that is more fitting with the idea of strength in numbers yet still links to the familiar Pride emblem
– Adapt the font and text elements of the branding to mirror the organisation’s values AND allow for flexibility and future evolutions
– Work with LCR Pride to come up with a mission statement and brand character that really speaks to and engages with its members

How did it all turn out?

Something to be proud of! LCR Pride now has its own identity, a clear purpose and adaptable marketing tools that have helped the organisation grow in stature to become a force for positive change throughout the city region.



62 Hope Street
L1 9BZ

519 Great Western Rd
Glasgow, Lanarkshire
G12 8HN